Monday, November 5, 2012

Foot Fantasy: "I Have a Crush On You"

[Note: this story is completely fictional and was written by a Foot Lover named Marco]

I had traveled to meet Foot Goddess Kia so I could worship her legs and feet—and I prayed that she would torture me with her legs and heels—perhaps even crush and strangle me with them.

I was also enraptured by her feet—how she curled them, how she displayed them for maximum effect…the blood vessels in her feet, which made them even more addicting. 

When she opened the door I was transfixed—there she stood, in a long, black leather coat, which was opened to reveal her magnificent legs, covered in fishnet stockings with garter straps…and she was wearing spike heels! Her exotic eyes were rouged and her makeup made her look even more
powerful. It was amazing and erotic to see such a stunning, decadent, and powerful woman.

“Welcome, Slave Marco. How do you like me live and in person? I wore heels to surprise and shock you. Aren’t my feet even more stunning in a pair of expensive shoes? Do you like how they display my beautiful feet and how the open toes showcase my red toenails?"

Hmmmmmmm?” I stammered: “GgggoddsssKia you have the most incredible legs and feet I have ever seen. When you add those deadly high heels, you become even more of an all-powerful, stunning beauty who can conquer any man she wants.”

“HaHaHa…do you like how I look in these fishnets? See how they show off my perfect legs and feet…You wrote about how you drooled at my heel and feet photos, so I wore these stockings and heels to enhance today’s ‘treatment.’ Now follow me to my dungeon.”

I followed her down a long flight of stairs to a large room with a fulllength mirror at one end. 
“Take off all your clothes except your underwear.”

I did…my cock was already tenting my underwear and Goddess Kia smiled. “Mmmmmm, your cock is already engorged with lust…I bet you can’t wait to cum for your almighty Foot Goddess Kia, can you?”

“I want to cum for you…it is all I have thought about for weeks, please let me cum on your sacred legs and feet! 
Then, will you crush me with your deadly heels???”

She smiled and walked slowly toward the mirror, shedding her coat to reveal her amazing, powerful body…her perfect, long legs in full view with their smooth, toned muscles, her gorgeous, towering heels, and her inviting ass. After posing and admiring her own image in the mirror—Goddess Kia was a true narcissist and this excited me even more--she turned to face me, revealing her beautiful breasts, the nipples erect and popping out of her tightly-cinched corset. My legs wobbled at the sight of her.

“Now get on your knees and crawl to me, slave!”

I crawled to her, starting to drool at the sight of her amazing body, especially her legs and feet in those heels. When I reached her she placed her heeled foot on my back and slowly pressed down until my face touched the floor…then she repeatedly dug her sharp heel into my flesh…

"Ooooohhhhh, you should see the marks I am leaving on your skin…so sensuous, so dominating…can you feel the pain from my sharp heels, my little delinquent slave? Do you lust for me? I could easily penetrate your flesh with these killer heels…Imagine how that would feel—for both of us…Mmmmmmmmmmmm…”

I did lust for her so much and began to whimper: “Yes, Goddess, please penetrate me”—and each time she pressed her heel into my flesh harder and harder…

”Now place your face on my feet…aren’t they perfect with their pronounced blood vessels, arched soles, and tender flesh? Lick and kiss my shoes…and pay special attention to my painted toes.”

I licked and kissed, enraptured by my debasement, my heart racing because I was excited to be in her presence, slobbering on her feet, licking and smelling them, inhaling deeply until I was dizzy with lust…

“Do you like how my sinfully high heels arch my beautiful feet? Now follow the blood vessels of my perfect feet with the tip of your tongue.”

I licked and kissed and smelled for a long time and Goddess Kia moaned with pleasure and power. She removed her shoe. “Open your mouth and suck on my toes, slave!” And I did…slurping and sucking her toes—then she smiled and wantonly pushed her whole foot into my mouth. I was consumed with lust.

“Now devote yourself to my fishnet legs and my beautiful ass…stroke and kiss my perfect legs—show them your pathetic devotion.”

I ran my mouth and tongue up and down Goddess Kia’s legs, wetting them with my worship spit, then began stroking her legs, my hands making rubbing sounds against the fishnet material as I stroked…she turned around, making sure to expose her ass to me, gazing at her own image in the mirror, in love with herself. She pushed her ass into my face so I could press my nose and tongue inside to enjoy her ass

“Inhale deeply, slave, let the mixed scents of my pussy and ass burrow deeply into your brain. The smells will hypnotize and enslave you to me forever. Bury your face in my ass…sniff my erotic, forbidden scents!”

On and on it went, my kisses and slurps audible in the large room. Finally she turned and hooked her spike heel in my underwear, tearing them from my body…my stiff cock bobbed up and down with my heartbeat…Goddess Kia slowly began stroking the bulging veins in my cock with her sharp heel until it began to drool pre-cum—she smiled at the sight of it pearling on the tip of my cock. She played with my seminal fluid, stretching it, but not allowing me to cum fully.

“Mmmmmmm…Now I want you to rub your cock against my perfect legs like a dog and spurt your seed in devotion!”
Of course I did…she laughed at my debasement, but I loved every minute of it…the friction of the fishnet stockings heightened my arousal and I came powerfully, spasm after spasm, moaning out load, “Ohhhhh, Goddess Kia, I adore you soooooo much!” spewing my spunk on her legs.

“Mmmmm, look how it oozes down my leg…lick it off, slave…every drop!” I did…then was rewarded by her most perverse act. “Now for the final deed. Lay down on the floor and gaze into my eyes!”

I obeyed and Goddess Kia stood above me, slowly peeling off her fishnet stockings. “I want you to see my legs naked—my smooth skin and toned muscles…my bare legs tensing as I crush you.”

Goddess Kia replaced her heels and slowly pressed her shoe down on my throat, smiling an evil smile, her eyes alive with power. “Aren’t my naked feet and legs the symbols of such dark power…the power to crush and choke you…the power even to eliminate you. Would you like to be eliminated by your Supreme Foot and Heel Goddess Kia?

HaHaHaHa!” She suddenly pressed down on my throat even harder and laughed as she crushed my neck and I began to gag…the veins in her perfect feet stood out as my body began to squirm…then shake…she was fascinated by my reactions as I began to starve for oxygen…she smiled and pressed down even harder, crushing my larynx…

"Having trouble catching your breath, my sweet slave? Aren’t
you glad you decided to experience your Foot and Leg Goddess Kia?  Mmmmmm such sweet torment for you—and such incredible pleasure for me!”

I began to grow dizzy from her treatment…

"Stroke and squeeze my perfect legs while I crush your throat. I want to feel your bare hands on my naked legs.” I obeyed as always, feeling the warmth of her legs and squeezing them as I began to pass out…

My cock began to swell again from fear and lust…I realized she was serious about perhaps making me pass out…I mumbled hoarsely and weakly: "Ppppllleazzze let me go, Goddessss Kiaaaaa…Pleazzzze…”

She tilted her head, fascinated by how I struggled and began to turn blue. But instead of releasing me, she removed her shoe from her other foot and placed it over my nose and mouth…completely covering them and blocking my breathing. She admired her perfect, deadly feet and red toes as she crushed and suffocated me at the same time. 

She laughed and smiled and teased: “Mmmmm, I feel such exquisite power doing this…crushing the life out of you and watching and feeling your body go limp as it starves for air—and life—all caused by my powerful legs and feet and heels. I wonder how far I should take this? After all, no one knows that you are here…But you are such a willing, helpless slave—I could do anything to you…anything…Hmmmmmm…”

To be continued...

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